Externalizing the Internal: Collage & Theatre

Externalizing the Internal: Collage & Theatre

Special Workshop during Kolaj Fest New Orleans
Thursday, June 16, 2022, 1:30-4:30PM
Tulane University Department of Theatre & Dance

An Assistant Professor at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, Julia Wasilewski’s practice “embraces the intersection between traditional design conventions and contemporary renewable approaches in an effort to embrace sustainable theatre-making. Also in Lethbridge, Jaime Johnson is a second-year Master of Fine Arts student studying Costume Design in the Drama department. Collage plays an important role in Johnson’s design process. “I create at least three collages in the entire process. The first is as a tool to sort through the research; to gather thoughts and facts into a visual representation of the many many things going through my head. The second is for mood which reflects some of the themes, thoughts, and feelings of what’s happening in the story. The third collage is to collect any visual imagery that comes to mind when reading the script or telling the story.”

In a special, three-hour workshop taking place at Tulane University, Wasilewski and Johnson will share how they use collage in their theatre practice and lead participants in a process of self-reflection and mask making. Johnson will guide participants through a short questionnaire and preliminary understanding of the four temperaments. Wasilewski will guide a sensory response discussion allowing participants to connect with sense memories in order to select textures, colors and found object components to support their identified personal temperament. With the collaging of fabric, paper and found object selections, participants will craft a personal mask which will support and communicate their inner selves to an outward audience. These masks will be crafted on simple blank base masks and assembled with glue and scissors. Participants will be encouraged to explore the manipulation of basic materials into expressive components by altering their basic form and using their temperaments as a source of inspiration to bring their masks to life. The workshop is an opportunity to explore collage from the perspective of theatre practitioners’ practical and theoretical objectives. For collage artists, it is an opportunity to explore the creative process from a full body perspective.

Note: Space is limited. RSVP required. To sign-up, send an email or speak to someone at the Kolaj Fest New Orleans Information Desk. First come, first serve and we will create a waiting list if all the spaces are filled.

“Externalizing the Internal: Collage & Theatre” is part of Kolaj Fest New Orleans, a multi-day festival & symposium about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society, June 15-19, 2022. LEARN MORE