Kolaj is a quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary collage. We are interested in how collage is made, how collage is exhibited, and how collage is collected. We bring together critical reviews and essays with artist profiles, event highlights, and articles on collage collecting, exhibiting, and making. Kolaj is published in Montreal, Quebec by Maison Kasini.


Collage artists seeking to have their work considered for Kolaj Magazine are encouraged to register with the Artist Directory. DETAILS HERE.


Book publishers are encouraged to send publication announcements to the editor. Review copies may be sent to our mailing address.

Project and event producers are encouraged to send press releases. Kolaj publishes calls-to-artists on its website. Please email text and an image to the editor.

Galleries are encouraged to send press releases to the editor. Or use this handy web form to submit all of the information we will be seeking: SUBMIT EXHIBITION.


Kolaj seeks articles and interviews about collage. Articles explore a topic related to how collage is made, how collage is exhibited, and how collages is collected. We are also interested in articles which explore collage on a thematic level, i.e. how collage speaks to our moment in time. We also seek articles about the history of collage and biographies of artists who have made collage in the past.

Kolaj is interested in reviews of books that focus on collage or collage artists. We are also interested in reviews of books in which collage is a subject even though it may not be the main focus of the book. In this case, we are interested in how the book treats collage. Writers interested in contributing book reviews should send an email to the editor with examples of previously written book reviews. Book reviews are assigned.

Kolaj is interested in reporting on collage-focused events and the presence of collage at significant art events, fairs, auctions, etc. Kolaj is also interested in reviews of exhibitions.

All writers interested in contributing should visit our How To Kolaj page HERE. See point 12, “Write for Kolaj Magazine“. You can send a pitch with writing samples (or links to them) via EMAIL.