Figurative Destructuralism

In the Midst by Isabelle Milkoff
12.6″x9.4″; collage on paper; 2022. Courtesy of the artist.


Figurative Destructuralism

at Parc Floral de Paris-Pavillion 18 in Paris, France
1-10 October 2022

DF Art Project is an international art collective that aims to popularize the concept of Figurative Destructuralism. It brings together living visual artists who share a common vision of their art. It consists of fragmentation of reality, its perspective, distortion and dynamic transformation. It’s a conceptualization of artist practices already existed in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance and installation.

Through the Cracks, Lilac by Susan Lerner
11″x10.2″; hand cut vintage collage and photos on paper; 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

This is a group exhibition curated by Caroline Canault, Jerome Rapin, Maxime Besnard, Ronnie Jiang. Members of the NY Collage Ensemble who are taking part in this exhibtion are Isabelle Milkoff, Susan Lerner, Amy Putman, Stacey Burgay, Orit Mardkha Tenzer, and Meghan Larimer.

(text adapted from materials provided by the NYC Collage Ensemble)


Parc Floral de Paris–Pavillion 18
Bois de Vincennes, Entrée Nymphéas
Route de la Pyramide
75012 Paris, France

Daily, 11AM-6PM