In the Studio: Justin Angelos

In the Studio is an online-only feature of Kolaj Magazine where we peek inside the studios of collage artists. If you are interested in being featured, visit the In the Studio Call to Artists page.


Inspired by the current state of our world and the debris man leaves in its wake, Justin Angelos’ collages trade in themes of life, death, loss and rebirth. Primitive culture, the animal world and today’s fast paced and disposable society also add fuel to his work. His collages are marked by dynamic narratives, energetic compositions, and bold use of colour. He lives and works in Burlingame, California, USA. 

When we asked him for a few words about his studio, he replied:

omega-by-justin-angelosWhen environment, materials and process collide the possibilities are limitless.

Collect, Search, Cut, Glue repeat.

Weapons of choice: Scissors and Super77


To learn more about Justin Angelos, visit his Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory Page HERE.

Image: omega by Justin Angelos (11″x8.5″; collage; 2013)