Einheitskurzschrift / Unified Shorthand

Einheitskurzschrift / Unified Shorthand

by Susanna Lakner & Stefan Heuer

This is the second collaboration between Stefan Heuer and Susanna Lakner. After their self-published zine Anleitung zu Erste Hilfe bei Unfällen (Instructions for First Aid In Case of Accidents, 2017) they altered an old coursebook together again. The two collagists collaborated through the postal service and sent the brochure back and forth between themselves on numerous occasions. Each exchange brought with it new layers from scissored images, transparent stickers, text fragments and rubdown lettering from Stuttgart and Burgdorf, South and West Germany. They have yet to meet.

Besondere Unterscheidungen (Special Distinctions) by Susanna Lakner and Stefan Heuer
scissored images from an old illustration, flyer, speech bubble; 2018
Courtesy of the artists.

About the authors:
This is Susanna Lakner’s second book at Redfoxpress after Happiness To Go which was published in 2017. She grew up in Hungary and lives since 1989 in Stuttgart, Germany. Her collages, found object assemblage boxes, and artists books have been shown on solo and international group exhibitions. The Papertailor of Susannia, her first collection of collages, was published in 2011 by Reed Altemus’s Tonerworks, USA. Venus and Mars with texts of Bernd Reichert was published in 2013 by Artemisz Sopron. She designed and illustrated the books of poems Titkosirás (Secret Code, 2008), and Alkonykapcsoló (Twilight Switch, 2018) by the Hungarian poet, author, and theater critic, Lilla Turbuly.

Stefan Heuer, author and artist, was born and lives in Burgdorf, Hannover, Germany. He has published, since 1997, poetry, prose, reviews, and short plays in literary magazines and anthologies. His book of poetry Werkstatt (Atelier, 2015) and Herzstück (A Piece of Heart, 2016) published respectively by Parasitenpresse Köln and Verlagshaus Berlin. Heuer’s second novel Katzen im Sack (Cats in the Bag, 2017) was published by Elif Verlag. He wrote lyrics for the German soul band Tiefblau and the electro project Kannkind. Heuer illustrated Frank Milautzcki’s poems in the collaborative artist’s book Langustenbäume, die auch reden (The Speaking Lobster Trees, 2009). He makes collages, assemblings, prints, and mixed media. He had solo shows and takes part regularly in group exhibitions.

Text adapted from the publisher’s press materials

Einheitskurzschrift / Unified Shorthand
by Susanna Lakner & Stefan Heuer
limited edition book; 150 numbered copies
40 pages; hard cover
£32/$40 US/$53 Canada
Redfoxpress, Ireland; 2018

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