Venus & Mars


Collage book by Susanna Lakner and Bernd Reichert

venus-and-mars-coverIn Kolaj #18, we review Venus and Mars, an offset printed, hard cover, full colour book that pairs the collage of Susanna Lakner with the surreal texts of Bernd Reichert. “A lot of collage can feel aimless or so personally idiosyncratic to the artist that the viewer feels abandoned. The opposite occurs here. Reichert’s words, eccentric and collage-like in their own right, ground and are grounded by Lakner’s collages. The result is a deeply poetic work with a loose, but comfortable narrative that culminates in a beautiful love story.”

The small, well-made, hardcover is a limited edition of 100 copies. Venus and Mars is wonderful read and a beautiful object to keep.

Venus and Mars
by Susanna Lakner & Bernd Reichert
5.9”x4”; 44 pages
Illustrated, €15 plus shipping
Edition of 100
ISBN: 978-963-87869-8-2
Artemisz Kiado
Sopron, Hungary, 2013
Order directly from Lakner at for a signed copy