Angel Otero at Moot Gallery, Hong Kong

Angel Otero at Moot Gallery, Hong Kong

20 May-23 August 2013

Angel Otero calls himself a painter, but his latest work pushes the boundaries between painting and collage. You can see this series, “Material Discovery”, at The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Moot Gallery in Hong Kong through 23 August 2013. To create his works, Otero makes “oil skins” that are made from paint poured onto glass and then peeled off in sheets. He then grafts the sheets to a canvas, which he then augments with resin, spray paint, and silicone. The works are simultaneously collage and décollage. Born in Puerto Rico in 1981, Angel Otero has shown work in the U.S., Hong Kong, Turkey, and India. His “deformation” approach to painting is how he “perceives the process of reconfiguring both personal and historical narratives.”

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Savannah College of Art & Design’s Moot Gallery
292 Tai Po Road
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong

Sunday, 8AM-5PM