Collage for Queen’s 90th Birthday


Royal Collection Trust Releases The Birthday Crown

One of the perks of being The Queen is that people make grand gestures for your birthday, which is technically in April, but celebrated in June, because, when you’re the Queen, you can pick your own damn birthday. One of the gestures at this year’s celebration is the publication of a children’s book and its collage.

“The Birthday Crown is a delightful tale of The Queen’s search for the perfect crown to wear on the occasion of her birthday,” said Royal Collection Trust. The book pairs Davide Cali’s words with collage artist Kate Slater. An illustrator by trade, Salter’s collage and papercut work often reads like miniature theatre sets in part because they are. She creates and photographs three-dimensional scenes out of cut-outs to produce the images.

The Royal Family is no stranger to collage. Prince William and Kate Middleton asked collage artist Andre Monet to produce a wedding portrait of the couple. The Queen liked the collage of old newspapers and books so much, she requested one as well. The Birthday Crown is available at

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Cover of The Birthday Crown
by Davide Cali, illustrated by Kate Slater.
Courtesy Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2016.