Collage at Salzberg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Catastrophe-#2 by Christoph Draeger

7 August-7 September 2013

Collage at Salzberg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

New York and Vienna-based Swiss artist Christoph Draeger’s work is about our “disaster and media-saturated culture”. In August, Draeger is teaching a course “Simsalaboom! Before you learn to fly, learn how to fall”, which moves “the age of collage into the third dimension”. The focus of the coursework is not on the object or the image, but what is created with it, making the context the focus of the collage. Draeger asks, “How can one combine existing materials into collages, assemblages, sculptures or installations so as to create new contentual relationships?” Simultaneously at a nearby gallery, Draeger presents “The Christoph Project”, to which Draeger has invited artists whose first names are “Christoph” or similar. The gallery will be turned into The Christoph Social Club, where Draeger and his assistant, Christopher Steinweber, and the Simsalaboom students will run a bar with DJs, performance, projections, and more.

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“The Christoph Project”
kunstraum pro arte
Schöndorferplatz 5
5400 Hallein, Austria

Wednesday-Friday, 4-7PM
Saturday, 10AM-1PM


Catastrophe #2
by Christoph Draeger
acrylic paint-jet on PVC
model is approximately 1615 square feet
Image courtesy of the artist and the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts