Heaps of Texture, Tonal and Subtle


Jacqueline Dee Parker
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Jacqueline Dee Parker’s collages are heaps of texture, tonal and subtle but they are worlds unto themselves. A poet of critical standing—-her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize—-Parker brings a certain sensitivity for language to her collage work and a heightened awareness to the power of fragments.

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“Just as words, sounds, and images rooted in emotional memory may trigger the composition of a poem, collage elements move me to build layers and texture, to respond to textual and cultural evidence, and to indulge my interest in language, history, and ephemera, all the while engaged in a visceral construction of space.”

Parker was born in New York City and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College and Louisiana State University where she earned a Master of Fine Art and currently works as an instructor. Her collage paintings on paper and canvas are exhibited in galleries and museums around the United States. See more of her work in the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory.

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Images by Jacqueline Dee Parker

Top: Aubade (22″x22″; paper, acrylic, graphite on canvas)
Centre: A Little Epiphany (20″x14″; paper, acrylic, graphite on Arches; 2015)
Bottom: Throat of the House (32″x32″; paper, acrylic, graphite on canvas)