Kolaj Goes to the Fair: Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto

© Gilbert Garcin / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Gilbert Garcin
at Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto

Writing about this work for “Kolaj Goes to the Fair”, Ariane Fairlie writes:

The implications of the fragility of life and time are counterbalanced with his wit and humorous approach. The fact that none of it is Photoshopped adds to the work’s authenticity. The landscapes can depict isolation, unity, desolation, fleeting emotion… The subject matter is simultaneously deeply impactful and lighthearted. It is easy to see that Garcin has a profound understanding of himself and others, but is not troubled by even the darker thoughts and emotions that he explores. A late-bloomer, Garcin discovered his passion for art at 65 after taking an amateur photography class.

This artist’s work appeared at Papier 12, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12-15 April 2012.

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