Kolaj Goes to the Fair: Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

courtesy Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

Sadko Hadzihasanovic
at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

The collage element in Sadko Hadzihasanovic’s work extends past the physical material and into the concepts within his work. In a given artwork, he can confront issues of masculinity, war and conflict, contemporary pop culture, displacement and immigration, art history, and childhood. His art is multi-layered, and just when you believe you’ve uncovered everything there is to know, something else, some small aspect, jumps out at you and reverses your entire understanding of the work. This is the nature of collage: unexpected, incomplete, and ambiguously open-ended. His work is both emotionally and intellectually engaging. His emphasis is on childhood, something that everyone may identify with.

This artist’s work appeared at Papier 12, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12-15 April 2012.

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