Kolaj Goes to the Fair: Denis Pellerin at Lacerte Art Contemporain, Montreal

Denis Pellerin
at Lacerte Art Contemporain, Montreal

Writing about this work for “Kolaj Goes to the Fair”, Ariane Fairlie writes:

Denis Pellerin’s practice playfully treads the line between collage and painting. His treatment of abstraction and his materials is unique. Pellerin’s compositions are simple, subtle, and a personal attempt to achieve something close to nature through unexpected material. He looks for beauty in chaos, striving to present something balanced that has the capacity to destabilize the viewer. Pellerin’s works are extremely layered, as is his process. It is his intention to find something new between painting and collage that he feels is close to nature.

This artist’s work appeared at Papier 12, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12-15 April 2012.

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