Kolaj Goes to the Fair: Galerie Simon Blais

Catherine Farish
at Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal

Writing about this work for “Kolaj Goes to the Fair”, Ariane Fairlie writes:

Catherine Farish is a print artist who, while playing with the notions of what is and isn’t print, seems to have stumbled upon collage. One of her most recent series uses piano rolls to depict music. Farish makes multiple prints directly on the piano rolls, cuts them up, places them together, and adds and subtracts different elements until she has come up with a satisfactory composition. She also incorporates the text from the bottom of the rolls to create small sentence fragments. An additional element added to about half of the piano roll works are letters between her mother and father, sent before Farish was born.

This artist’s work appeared at Papier 12, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12-15 April 2012.

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