Kolaj Goes to the Fair: Galerie Michel Guimont

Josée Landry Sirois
at Galerie Michel Guimont, Quebec City

Writing about this work for “Kolaj Goes to the Fair”, Ariane Fairlie writes:

The accumulation of small objects within Josée Landry Sirois’ work creates a tension, an allusion to excess, and experimentation with something whole, yet made of many smaller elements. Her work is personal and emotional, and her own story can be identified behind the abstraction of the materials. It is identity built upon the collection of memories, events, thoughts, and items, collaged together into a single form. She could be categorized as a trash, pop, or abstract artist, but there are distinct collage elements throughout much of her work.

This artist’s work appeared at Papier 12, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12-15 April 2012.

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