Musta Fior & Flore Kunst

Martine et les Garcons by Musta Fior & Flore Kunst


Musta Fior and Flore Kunst created a series of collaborative collages on playing cards. You can see the entire series on the artists’ respective Tumblr: and

Ariane Fairlie wrote about the collaborative duo in their Issue Seven portfolio:

Musta Fior and Flore Kunst’s collaborative collages are playfully feminist, two words seldom placed together. They use playing cards as their support, sometimes only borrowing the form and scaling it up. Their colours are bright, shapes clean, and composition uncluttered. Their imagery is taken from retro stock, presumably lifestyle and nature magazines. Not to push the feminist thing too far, most women who’ve made it on to cards are at least half naked, so it’s refreshing to see the two artists coyly smiling from behind their hand.

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from the series “Martine et ses Garçons”
by Musta Fior & Flore Kunst
paper collage on playing card
Image courtesy of the artists