Ronni Jolles at Peninsula Jewish Community Centre, California

The Kotel by Ronni Jolles

15 January-27 March 2014

Ronni Jolles: “My Judaism Unlocked”

Ronni Jolles’ new body of work, created specifically for the Peninsula Jewish Community Centre, captures the artist’s recollections of Jewish upbringing and life.

“I have found inspiration in a variety of things, including Israeli folk dancing, lighting the Shabbat candles, scenes in Jerusalem, and the tree of life,” says Jolles. “Most of my work is based on seeing something I find beautiful in the world and then trying to capture it in my art, while most of these Judaic pieces come from looking within. I’m tapping into different elements of Judaism and Jewish culture – moments or scenes that have affected me. This is my attempt to capture the essence of those feelings.”

Jolles, who is from Virginia, paints with paper through a process that she has expanded and refined over time. Using paper from all over the world, she cuts, tears, and layers to create uniquely textured three-dimensional scenes. Acrylic paints and sealants are then used on top of the papers to add more variation in colour, bringing out texture while protecting the paper.

“Paper–in its multitude of colours and textures – is the heart of my work, and subjects come into focus as the paper leads me through the creation of each piece,” she says. “It’s the medium itself that causes my work to constantly evolve and continually surprise me.”

(adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


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The Kotel
by Ronni Jolles
layered paper and acrylics
Courtesy of the artist and Peninsula Jewish Community Centre, Foster City, California