One Plus One Became Three


For Issue 11 of Kolaj Magazine, Kimberly Musial Datchuk interviewed Blake Larsen and Alex Costantino, two artists in Vermont who collaborate on series of paintings using the pseudonyms “Frysch Dutson” [Larsen] and “Edsën Lüters” [Costantino].

Larsen and Costantino’s innovative collaborative effort shares more than a passing resemblance to the process of collage. The medium of collage allows artists to explore new possibilities for materials and it pushes the limits of an artist’s imagination. It challenges artists to transform disjunctive pieces into a cohesive whole. At its best, collage provides an alternative way to look at familiar materials and artistic practices. It breaks the rules while revealing an unexpected aspect of the world around us. The paintings of Larsen and Costantino not only have the appearance of collage, but they also embody the spirit of collage in the cooperative efforts of the two artists. Larsen and Costantino seek to complement and enhance the others’ contributions. The partnership gives them the opportunity to approach painting in new ways and find something unexpected in their work. Furthermore, it opens up the possibility of a new manner of conceiving of painting.

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Diana Enthroned
by Frysch Dutson and Edsën Lüters
acrylic on panel
Courtesy of the artists