Robert Seydel’s Pictures & Books


Siglio Press continues to bridge literary and visual arts with the release of two new books by Robert Seydel: A Picture Is Always A Book and Further Writings From Book Of Ruth, and a series of exhibitions of Seydel’s collage work. “Seydel often used various personas and fictional constructs in a vast and multi-layered body of work that incorporated collage, drawing, photography, narrative and lyric writing,” writes Siglio. “His primary alter ego Ruth Greisman—banker by day, artist by night, friend of Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell—lived in Queens, caring for her WWI shell-shocked brother while making hundreds of exquisite collages, a selection of which Seydel collected in the artist’s book Book of Ruth (Siglio, 2011). As Ruth, Seydel explored the boundaries between the the salvaged and the lost, the unknown and the unknowable, the art that is made and art that is found.” A Picture Is Always a Book accompanies the exhibition “Robert Seydel: The Eye in Matter”, that is at the Neilson Library at Smith College before travelling to the Queens Museum of Art in 2015 and the Book Arts Gallery Columbia College Chicago in 2016.

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by Robert Seydel
Courtesy of the Estate of Robert Seydel