Collage/Imagine at Flow Art Space


3-20 December 2014
Artist Reception: Friday, 5 December, 6-9PM


“Collage/Imagine” are concurrent exhibitions featuring the work of 19 artists from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and beyond.

Among the collage artists on display are:

Zach Collins says, “I think of [collage] as evidence of my experience. It is garnered from found, overlooked fragments, discarded objects and vintage imagery collected from off the street, magazines, and second hand stores. I rely on instinct and inner experience as I work; often exploring and experimenting with the element of chance, finding unexpected associations that are created by combining fragmented materials through collage.” Collins is the co-author of the collaborative collage book, Recycled Trophies, published by Maison Kasini.

“I believe we are inextricably tied to our roots,” says Minneapolis-based Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger. “My work draws on my experiences growing up in southern Florida as a Cuban refugee. By merging my personal history with typical Cuban iconography, I fashion narratives that I call memory mash-ups. I use found objects and materials and think of them as artifacts or place holders for memory.”

Washington state-based Lynn Skordal’s piece titled Angels in America #4was created as part of a series of pictures imagining the presence of unlikely angels in various places across America.

(text adapted from materials provided by the gallery)


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by Zach Collins
Courtesy of Flow Art Space, St. Paul, Minnesota