Tyler Varsell

Eyes Prove by Tyler Varsell


American collage artist Tyler Varsell’s collage and mixed media work reflect themes of identity, dislocation, and serendipitous discovery. She says, “They are very much an outlet for both my observations of society, and personal searches for meaning and truth.” Varsell has a degree in web design and teaches at an independent school. She shows her work on Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr. Besides her internet presence, Varsell has exhibited in Connecticut and London (UK).

Varsell’s portfolio appears in Issue Five where Ariane Fairlie writes,

Frequently presented in geometric pattern, Varsell uses bright and distinct threads as a guide to the eye. Varsell focuses on the eye from a number of different angles, thinking of the subject, the viewer, and anything in between….Her conceptual interests seem to lie with interactions between people, specifically in facial expressions, as well as with phrases and images typically encountered in pop culture.

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Eyes Prove
by Tyler Varsell
paper, acrylic, and embroidery thread on canvas