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Sewing Bee by Marliese Eilers
20″x20″; acrylic and mixed media assemblage on wood panel. Courtesy of the artist and The Gallery at the The Cultch


1 + 2 + 3

The Gallery at the Cultch in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Online Only
1-28 February 2021

This new online exhibition of works by three Canadian artists features works of assemblage, collage and mixed media.

Marliese Eilers
I have always been a collector of sorts. I find it difficult to discard objects that have a potential value in a repurpose, reuse element. Being primarily self-taught, I have recently discovered the artistic freedom that collaging can provide. Piecing together bits of newsprint, magazine images, paint, texture and some of my treasured finds, has become a passionate vehicle for my artistic expression. Each piece takes my imagination on a new journey from a blank canvas, through the layering process, to the eventual outcome.

Bohemia Rhapsody by Valerie Arntzen
24”x15”x5”; wood drawer, Mexico Virgen, silk flowers, glass beads, beer cans. Courtesy of the artist and The Gallery at the The Cultch

Valerie Arntzen
I LOVE JUNK! My assemblage pieces consist of found objects and treasures collected during my travels.This body of work reflects on travel and tools of the trade from Canada to Mexico. I was not raised religiously, but find the churches in Mexico fascinating, especially the Virgen de Guadalupe and her relationship with women. The loss of certain trades and artistic practices has resulted in the change from hand tools to high tech machinery and factories. I want to honour the hand-made.

This Side of Paradise by Ginger Sedlarova
12″x16″, collage and acrylic on wood panels. Courtesy of the artist and The Gallery at the The Cultch

Ginger Sedlarova
I consider myself both a collage artist and a storyteller. Sometimes my work is a short story, sometimes it’s a novel. But it’s always surreal, full of observations about the absurdity of daily life or conversations with the cities I’ve lived in, visited and loved. My practice grew from my love of making photo collages in my former newspaper career as a graphic artist–only now I do this by hand, using my own photos combined with historical images and paper in a dreamlike form of narrative.

(text adapted from the artists’ press materials)


The Gallery at The Cultch
1895 Venables Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 2H6 Canada

This exhibition is only viewable online