A Map & A Key

Some Old Story About A Boy Who’s Just Like Me by Tony Cavalline
18″x18″x1.5″; mixed media on panel; 2021. Courtesy of the artist.


Tony Cavalline: A Map & A Key

at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
3 March-2 April 2021

In “A Map & A Key”, Tony Cavalline’s mixed media artwork explores ideas of memory, identity, and perception. His multi-layered pieces conceive a world that exists at the intersection of thought, recollection, and experience, creating an unsteady bridge between the stories we imagine and what we keep as real.

Cavalline offers a fragmented landscape of lost adventure and faint longing, pieced together from boyish ideas of an arcane and extraordinary world, softened and worn by years of misremembering.

Using a rich combination of expressive mark-making, textural painting, and
idiosyncratic collage, his compositions seek to capture memory as a moving cascade of fiction and recollection.

Embedded with insignia that hint at the esoteric symbols of a forgotten culture, “A Map & A Key” recalls a sensitive boy’s pure and desperate creation of a personal mythology and speaks to a quiet and insistent longing for magic amid the devastating loss that comes with growing up.

(text adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


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