Behind the Scenes: más allá de la Gran Vía


“Behind the Scenes: más allá de la Gran Vía”
at Hotel Indigo in Madrid, Spain
20 February-11 March 2018

Coinciding with the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Hotel Indigo Madrid presents “Behind the Scenes: más allá de la Gran Vía” (Behind the Scenes: beyond the Gran Vía), an exhibition that pays homage to the Gran Vía de Madrid. The artists in the exhibition are established and recognized artists from across Spain’s cultural scene, including tour members of the Collage Society of Madrid: Aurora Gorrión, Ginexin, Erre Gálvez (image) and Virginia Losada.

The members of the Collage Society of Madrid find pieces of printed paper and objects. They play with chance, with what is found and with what nobody already wants. They have been spotted in parks, squares and bars armed with scissors, glue and X-Acto knives, capturing dreams by cutting paper.

You hear them discussing digital and analogue. They revere the avant-garde; they know that this is not their time and they ignore the disdain that the arts dedicate to them in capital letters. They accept that their place is in the basements of culture and the gambling dens. Only sometimes, if they are left behind, their pieces appear in the temples of art and museums. They celebrate it and they appreciate it, but they know it’s not their place. Not yet.

Tell the artists you have seen their work. In the collagists’ leisurely path to far-sightedness, the brightness of their eyes is reflected in the steel of their scissors when the perfect combination of elements appears, and they celebrate in whispers. If you come across them, do not show condescension, for they believe in what they are doing. They are the Collage Society of Madrid.

(adapted from the Madrid Collage Society’s press materials)


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