Lost in Garbage


Lost in Garbage
at the Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium
12 November 2017-14 April 2018

“Lost in Garbage” showcases artists of different generations who use waste as an artistic medium and a substantive starting point. Their works are presented through collages and assemblies from the collection of the Verbeke Foundation, in which waste is used as an important visual language.

The title of the exhibition can be explained in several ways. The world produces more than a trillion tonnes of waste per year. We hide it under parks, thick layers of concrete, burn it or recycle it. We cause so much waste by our consumption behaviour that we are threatening to drown in it. We are “lost in garbage”.

But there are artists who see the garbage as an inexhaustible source in which to lose oneself completely, something to be cherished instead of discarded. For them it is a wealth of materials that can be drawn from endlessly and can always be reshaped and given new meaning. Some artists view garbage as a pure material, for others it’s a source for reuse and durability. What the artists in our exhibition have in common is that they change our outlook on waste. They take us into a world of beauty, redundancy, absurdity and new possibilities.

Participating artists: Ben Christiaens, Jan Eric Visser, Thomas van der Linden, Jean Groenen, Frank F. Castelyns, Werend Nauta, Jalila Essaïd, Ole Nieling, Waldo Bien, Marc Claes, Truus van den Boezem, Lutgart De Meyer, Renée Verberne and Lin Gerritse, Koen Venken and Frank Alsema.


Verbeke Foundation
Westakker z/n
9190 Kemzeke, Belgium
+32 3 789 22 07

Tuesday-Wednesday, by appointment
Thursday-Sunday, 11AM-6PM
2 April 2018, 11AM-6PM