Born Yesterday



“Born Yesterday”: G.B. Jones & Paul P.
at Participant Inc. in New York, New York, USA
12 November-17 December 2017

“Born Yesterday” is a project by G.B. Jones and Paul P. Over the past fifteen years, the two artists have collaborated intermittently, primarily making collages from their combined image banks. This exhibition collects these collages with a selection of new drawings by Jones alongside works made over the past decade. To this, P. has added works in watercolour and design that are emblematic of Jones.

Jones and P. are interested in ungovernable sexualities and genders, and in the history of aesthetics forged by those who were compelled to communicate and represent themselves through innuendo and codes. In their collaborative work, as in their individual figurative practices, the subjects Jones and P. reproduce are often symbols of manipulation within a world of manipulation.

(text adapted from the artists’ press materials)


Participant Inc.
253 East Houston Street, Front
New York, New York 10002 USA
(212) 254-4334

Wednesday-Sunday, Noon-7PM


untitled collage by G.B. Jones and Paul P.
Image courtesy of the artists