Collage Mania

The Way Our Minds Work by Raphaele Cohen-Bacry
51″x38″; wallpaper, photographs, collage on canvas; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.


Collage Mania

at The Alliance Française de Pasadena in California
15 November 2019-15 January 2020
Opening Reception on 22 November

Three years ago, Raphaele Cohen-Bacry started a new body of work, exploring the art of collage. Using pictures of artworks from auction magazines and wallpapers, tearing and assembling images, she invented new playful compositions with her beautiful collages.

Raphaele has been working in Los Angeles since 2003. She studied painting and engraving at Les Ateliers Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris and at other various art schools in Paris. Before living in LA, she was sharing her time between her studio in Paris and another studio in New York, where she was working with other artists.

(text adapted from curator’s press materials)


The Alliance Française de Pasadena
232 N Lake Avenue Suite 105
Pasadena CA 91101
(626) 683 3774

Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM
Opening Reception: 22 November 2019, 7pm


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