Collage Works

JohnPaulGeorgeRingo by Ginger Sedlarova
16″x12″; collage: mixed media and watercolour on wood panel. Courtesy of the artist.


Collage Works: Ginger Sedlarova & Seema Shah

The Gallery at the Cultch in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Online Only
1-30 September 2021

A new exhibition of works by two Lower Mainland collagists. The artists will be available for questions about their work during a live artist talk on Sunday, 12 September at 2PM PDT (2100 UTC). Details on how to join the talk will be available at the gallery’s website and on the Instagram pages of Sedlarova and Shah.

Ginger Sedlarova
I consider myself both a collage artist and a storyteller. Sometimes my work is a short story, sometimes it’s a novel. But it’s always surreal, a love affair with the combination of knife, paper and glue that allows me to construct scenes of absurdity and drama. My practice grew from my love of making photo collages in my former newspaper career as a graphic artist, only now I do this by hand. It’s cathartic to strip images down to their simplest forms and then build them back up again. I love to play and indulge in the unexpected–life is a collage of events, and my work is how I see the world when I close my eyes.

Mostly Below Ground by Seema Shah
8.5″x6″; mixed media collage on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Seema Shah
Although I didn’t set out with the intention of becoming a collage artist, my work almost always includes an element of collage. I’m innately drawn to the piecing together of disparate elements to form a new meaning and aesthetic–trying to create something of value from scraps that would otherwise be discarded. The process itself is a metaphor for many aspects of my life and self. Tapping into my subconscious and working intuitively, my collages are layered emotional narratives reflecting my inner landscape. Patterns have emerged in my work over time, including the appearance of recurrent themes, metaphors, and imagery. Though my pieces in this exhibition were created independently of one another, a stream of water and darkness runs through them.

(text adapted from the artists’ press materials)


The Gallery at The Cultch
1895 Venables Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 2H6 Canada

This exhibition is only viewable online