Club by the Tracks by Moira Crone
36″x40″; mixed media and collage of digital photographs; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.



at Second Story Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
6-11 June 2023

New Orleans is a collage. The persistence of so many cultures and narratives in this small city is apparent visually everytime you take a walk and see the murals next the graffiti, the modern buildings beside the ancient ruins. The same is true as soon as you hear our music, appreciating that no category has been entirely erased: styles and strains invented here a hundred years ago are played everyday, danced to every night, and recombined with newer genres, in just the way that Jazz grew was something new made from old materials, African, European, and Indigenous American. Second Story Gallery members’ mixed media collages and found object sculptures make new connections, and reflect the myriad juxtapositions and connections that make our city what it is, and what it is becoming.

The Dressing Room by Carrie Beene
30″x22″; mixed media and paper towel collage on board; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

(text adapted from material provided by the artist)


Second Story Gallery
at the New Orleans Healing Center
2372 Saint Claude Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 USA

Daily, 9AM-7PM