Corporeal Gestures

Respiration and the Voice by J. Nathan Dziedzic
for the muse “breathing”. Courtesy of the artist.


Corporeal Gestures: An International Exhibition of Contemporary Collage

at the School of Architecture, Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA
4-29 April 2022

In 2019, collage artist Clive Knights put out an international call for submissions from collage artists, asking them to respond to nine “muses”, characterized as the bodily necessities of breathing, nourishing, sleeping, discharging waste, procreating, resisting the earth’s pull, communicating, aging and dying. The result is an exhibition of work by more than 100 collage artists from twenty-one countries. The work presents a diverse response to the ways in which our actions, rhythms, relationships and shared experience of being alive are both predetermined and made possible by the modicum of matter borrowed from the world that constitutes each of our bodies. The project challenged collage artists to consider how one’s body is activated in the world–acting, gesturing, making–amidst the shared rhythms pertaining to our common, mortal predicament in a single, unfolding cosmos. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Give Me Your Hand by Laurence Briat
for the muse “communicating”. Courtesy of the artist.

The exhibition was curated by Clive Knights.

(Text adapted from the curator’s press materials.)


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Portland State University
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Portland, Oregon 97201 USA
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