Cutting Class at Limited Ink Studios


“Cutting Class”
23 October-14 November 2015

Opening reception: Friday, 23 October, 7PM-Midnight

“Cutting Class” is a collage exhibition featuring eighteen artists from around the world. The show is curated by Adrian and Emiko Velazco and features pieces by Justin Angelos, Jayes Caitlin, Cara Davis, David Delruelle, Joseph Draper, Ted Feighan, Gloria Supatra Bhargava Harrison, Gabriel Islas, Hope Kroll, Nicholas Lockyer, Katie McCann, Holly Pilot, Mike Protzik, Jesse Treece, Michael Tunk, Adrian Velazco, Emiko Velazco, and Ed Wakefield. The works explore the possibilities of collage as a medium that can create surreal and fantastical imagery by breathing life into old images. Many of the works are solo pieces, but the show contains a large collaborative component, and features works by multiple artists created specifically for “Cutting Class”.

“Cutting Class” looks at the wide range of possibilities with collage. With over a hundred works in the show, a variety of styles and techniques are present: lowbrow, highbrow, horror, sci fi, fantastical bestiaries, psychedelic landscapes, widely spaced, tightly clustered, minimal, maximal and everything in between. Viewers are also encouraged to participate by making their own collages and creating works with others during the show.

(text adapted from the curators’ press materials)


Limited Ink Studios
5335 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90029 USA
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Laugh at Death (flyer artwork for “Cutting Class”)
by Michael Tunk
analog collage
Courtesy of the artist