Everything Familiar to be Found

Collection 603 by Mark Vargo
10″x8″; AI-edited photos, inkjet prints, traditionally sourced paper images, aluminum, and thread on paper; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Mark Vargo: Everything Familiar to be Found

at the Colusa County Arts Council in Colusa, California, USA
7 March-26 April 2024

Mark Vargo (Colusa, California) received his BFA at the University of Illinois and has shown his work in museums and galleries in Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Canada. His art and writing on the topic of collage has also been published in Kolaj Magazine and published in a ‘zine by Kasini House. 

Mark’s current body of work seeks to push the bounds of traditional paper collage, by combining analog methods of collage with unexpected materials and new technology, such as 3-D printing and artificial intelligence. He defines his approach to creating as “Third Wave Art”—a hybrid method of art-making that blends the use of traditional, digital, and AI-generated materials. 

Great Distances and Starlight by Mark Vargo
6″x4″; Facet AI, inkjet prints, traditionally sourced paper images, watercolor, pencil, and ink on watercolor paper; 2024. Courtesy of the artist.

Mark is also a recent grant recipient through the Upstate California Creative Corps and currently working to design and install collage-based public sculptures at each of the seven branches of the Colusa County Free Library to bring awareness to Colusa County’s endangered and threatened wildlife species.

(text adapted from material provided by the gallery and the artist)


Colusa County Arts Council
151 Fifth Street
Colusa, California 95932 USA
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Monday-Thursday, Noon-5PM and by appointment