Everything Leaks

Socks on Chair (detail) by Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes
C-print; 2020. Courtesy of the artist and The Polygon.


Everything Leaks: Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes and Maya Beaudry

at The Polygon in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
11 December 2020-7 February 2021

“Everything Leaks” is an experimental collaboration by artists Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes and Maya Beaudry. The artists embed images within images, using collage, stickers, watercolour, and other mediums to respond to our era of visual information overload. Reacting to an increasingly digital and dematerialised culture, their works unfold across tactile surfaces, such as fabrics, sculpture, and printed photographs. These physical environments construct an imagined architecture of the mind, speculating on the ways in which photographic images entrench themselves and live within our psyche.

Today, in this time of crisis during a global pandemic, artistic collaboration as a process of working and thinking together has taken on new meaning and greater value. Holmes and Beaudry, both graduates of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, have developed this new work in response to the particular context of The Polygon.

(Text by Felix Rapp. Courtesy of The Polygon Gallery.)


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