I Sing the Body Electric

Self-Indulgent Spirit by Paul Loughney
12″x12″x1″; collage mounted on panel; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


I Sing the Body Electric

at Jane’s Room and PRZ in New York, New York, USA
13 August-13 September 2023

“I Sing the Body Electric” is an international, mixed-media group exhibition presented by Proyectos Raúl Zamudio, featuring work by twenty-seven artists.

The exhibition organizer writes: The exhibition takes its name from two disparate sources: one is an 1855 poem by Walt Whitman, and the other is a 1969 short story by the science fiction writer Ray Bradbury. Both serve to bracket aspects of the quagmire we face today in a posthuman world regarding the human body. Whitman’s poem praises corporeality through a sensuous description of both male and female bodies that transcends dichotomies. It lyrically ruminates on what all humans share. At the same time, it also reminds us that our bodies are what partially form our identity and make each one of us unique and distinct. Bradbury’s story celebrates the body, too, but it is the prosthetic and artificial body. The story takes place in the future, where a family, whose mother has passed, is able to procure a loving, android grandmother to replace her; however, unlike the human mother, the robot can never die. Although Bradbury’s story today seems dated in the technology to which it alludes, it is not without merit and is prescient regarding the anxiety about Artificial Intelligence: that it will make humans obsolete. The artists in the exhibition approach a myriad of questions and issues in their individual works about the body through figuration, pure abstraction, and text-based work in diverse media including, painting, sculpture, photography, work-on-paper, video, and performance.

The presenting artists are: Aaron Burr Society/Jim Costanzo, Matthew Askey, Claudia Baez, Ciro Beltran, Terry Berkowitz, Davis Birks, Eduardo Cervantes, Alexis de Chaunac, Gregory de La Haba, Adolfo Doring, Jeanette Doyle, Laura Elkins, Taka Fernandez, Fabian Freese, Noël Hennelly, Marie Christine Katz, Dabal Kim, Paul Loughney, Despo Magoni, Emma McCagg, Laura Mega, Lindsey Nobel, Julia San Martin, Sari Tervaniemi, Mehran Tizkar, Alvaro Verduzco, and Etienne Warneck.

(text adapted from material provided by Proyectos Raúl Zamudio)


Jane’s Room & PRZ
78 Jane Street
New York, New York 10014 USA
(646) 373-1767

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