Jim Richard at New Orleans Museum of Art

Centered III - Jim Richard

5 October 2012-24 February 2013

“Make Yourself At Home”: Jim Richard

In New Orleans artist Jim Richard’s collages, decorative objects compete with loud examples of home décor. In his first collages from 1969, he placed male cartoon figures seen on commercial first aid kits into suburban patios and yards. He telescopes his collage aesthetic onto his paintings, twelve of which are currently on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art. In these domestic scenes, works of art compete against loud décor. Curator Miranda Lash said, “Part of Richard’s agenda is to poke fun at the lofty aspirations of modernism and modernist artworks, which often end up in private homes, where they exist amidst other high-end possessions. At the same time, Richard’s care in ‘curating’ these rooms with his beloved elements of kitsch, makes a compelling argument for the unexpected visual and emotional staying power of things often associated with ‘bad’ taste.”

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Centered III
by Jim Richard
oil on linen
Collection of Jeffery and Walton Goldring, New Orleans