Lean Fall Stand

Ological Anatomy by Ian Tothill
6″x7.9″; analogue collage on board; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Ian Tothill: Lean Fall Stand

at the South Square Centre in Bradford, England, United Kingdom
7-30 July 2023

“Lean Fall Stand” is an exploration of the world of miscommunication explored in the novel of the same name by Jon McGregor. The collages depict how the central character, Doc, withholds information while working as a researcher in Antarctica, then his inability to articulate thoughts after a catastrophic stroke.

Lean by Ian Tothill
7.9″x6″; analogue collage on board; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Ian Tothill is a collage artist based in Bradford, England, United Kingdom. He has participated in group shows around the world and has had work published in books and journals such as Cut Me Up magazine. This exhibition also features collages made in response to the novel O Caledonia by Elspeth Barker plus a collection of rubbish collages made from street debris.

(text adapted from material provided by the artist)


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