Mysterium Tremendum

Flame of Grace: Encounter by Foxito
24″x36″; photography, analogue collage and acrylic paint on paper; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Foxito: Mysterium Tremendum

at The Firehouse/Mancuso Room Gallery in New York, New York, USA
2-7 February 2024

A sense of something mysterious, overwhelming, and daunting which elicits from us a sense of diminution, humility, submission, and creatureliness. A mystery that repels when the dreadful, fearful, and overwhelming aspect of the numinous appears and humans are irresistibly drawn to the glory, and beauty of the otherworldly.

Hope Less by Foxito
36″x24″; photography, analogue collage and acrylic paint on paper; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Declan Morrell AKA Foxito invites you to his latest exhibition “Mysterium Tremendum”. The collages and paintings elicit fear and awe as we perceive an imminent threat pulsing behind the lives of his new characters: the traveller, the man-machine, and the artist. From the Lower East Side to the furthest known galaxies, Foxito brings us on a sci-fi meditation on violence, extreme encounters and hope. The situations depicted in the collage tableaux evoke a spiritual element of transcendence that help us rise from the materiality of our daily existence. Etheric Calculations play with quantum physics, celestial mechanics and mathematics to speculate about time travel and the interstitial spaces were the travelers will find safety. Sanctuary of the Mind evokes the feeling of a refuge inside us all. In Flame of Grace, the encounter between the human and the non-human at Collier’s Hook in New York City’s Lower East Side brings the numinous to humanity. The politics of fear and awe are brought about by the “gift” imparted by Artificial Intelligence, which in Foxito’s work resonates with the horrors of forced Christianity during colonial times.

The exhibition was curated by Ruth Somalo.

(text adapted from material provided by the artist)


Firehouse/Mancuso Room Gallery
in the Dale Jones Burch Community Center
269 Henry Street
New York, New York 10002 USA
(212) 471-2400

Daily, Noon-7PM