Contemporary Chronicles

The Deliverance by Nonney Oddlocken
36″x24″; metallic thread on handmade paper with found imagery; 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Flavio Dolce Art Projects, New Orleans


Contemporary Chronicles

at Flavio Dolce Art Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
13 January-29 February 2024

“Contemporary Chronicles” reveals a dynamic panorama of artistic narratives through the works of nine artists. The exhibition is a testament to the diverse and innovative approaches employed by these artists when dealing with the complexities of the present moment and enriching the contemporary discussion on the importance of artistic creation.

A Land with No Name by Sara Madandar
12″x12″x1″; laser, textile and stitchery on handmade paper; 2019. Courtesy of the artist and Flavio Dolce Art Projects, New Orleans.

“Contemporary Chronicles” not only captures the spirit of our time, but also anticipates the potential for artistic evolution. The exhibition invites viewers to foster an immersive experience that reflects the diverse and interconnected nature of our world. Through this collective journey, the artists urge us to question, reflect, and perhaps redefine our understanding of the contemporary narrative. By intertwining their distinct experiences in the “Contemporary Chronicles” exhibition, they invite us to participate in the exploration of the nuances of stories shaping our collective consciousness.

(text adapted from materials provided by curator Rodrigo Franzão)


Flavio Dolce Art Projects
1157A Eagle Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 USA
(917) 362 7247

Wednesday-Saturday, Noon-6PM