Portrait Mode

Chair by Joe Rudko
40″x50″; found photographs on paper; 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Winston Wächter Fine Art.


Joe Rudko: Portrait Mode

Online Only at Winston Wächter Fine Art in Seattle, Washington, USA
23 September-4 November 2023

“Portrait Mode” is a selection of work from the past five years from Seattle-based artist Joe Rudko. Utilizing a range of found photographs, Rudko meticulously categorizes imagery into deconstructions of the portrait—both as a genre and a recognizable icon. The greyscale, gridded compositions of Portrait Quilt, Chair, and Verso (the latter of which incorporates patchy impressions from the back of photographs) tamper with portraiture as a concrete representation of form. Discernible snippets of faces, chairs, and silhouettes blur into an overarching fabric suggesting multiplicity, or a careful, exacting version of reality mimicking our own curated online selves. Quieter, fractal-like “Inlaid” artworks utilize single images inlaid into unfixed photo paper, thoughtfully splintering a single figure into isolated, geometric components. Rudko’s collages rely on precise calculation rendered into expressive, unexpected combinations.

Portrait Quilt by Joe Rudko
86″x65″; found photographs on paper; 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Winston Wächter Fine Art.

Joe Rudko lives and works in Seattle, Washington, USA. He holds a BFA in Photography and Drawing from Western Washington University. His work is in the permanent collection of The Getty Museum, Portland Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and, most recently, in the Morgan Library & Museum in New York.

(Text adapted from material provided by the gallery.)


Winston Wächter Fine Art, Seattle