Shaping Maternal Lineage

painted paper collage by Lesley Eaton. Courtesy of the artist.


Lesley Eaton: Shaping Maternal Lineage

at The Emporium Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
5-23 November 2021

In the Display Case, Lesley Eaton presents a collection of painted paper collage, “Shaping Maternal Lineage”. Having worked as a collage artist for years, this collection of cut paper work reveals a significant shift in Eaton’s process and the resulting artwork. Letting the imagery for the work reveal itself to her and letting her intuition guide her, she became surrounded by a trove of lush velvety green, bright florals, and obscure kitchen tools. At first it seemed the connecting thread of this imagery was her maternal grandmother’s kitchen, but a deeper examination of these images that kept appearing revealed a deeper connection with her own mother’s kitchen, and a realization of the beauty and love passed down through simple, often uncelebrated, habits: trimming stems at the sink for the large vase filled perennially with cut flowers, lining the window sills with African violets, and meticulously chopping, sifting, grating, stirring, and perfecting each savory and sweet offering of nourishment. Lesley Eaton lives and works in Knoxville.

(text adapted from material provided by The Emporium)


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