Remembering Becca by Patty Armstrong
15.5″x10″x10″; 3D “Souvenir” assembled from 25 pages from Cut Me Up Magazine Issues 10, 7, and 2; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Cut Me Up: Souvenir

at the Concourse A Gallery at Albany International Airport in Albany, New York, USA
through 27 December 2023

Cut Me Up is a participatory magazine of visual call and response. Each issue presents a call: a curated selection of original collage images that will become the raw material for reader-artists to respond to by cutting, reconfiguring and transforming into new artworks. The newly created responses will form the content of the next issue.

“Souvenir” was conceived and curated by Albany Airport Art & Culture Program Director Kathy Greenwood upon an invitation from Cut Me Up’s Andrea Burgay. The exhibition includes the eighteen artists selected for the print edition of Issue 11, as well as six additional artists from the call’s pool of submissions. In the spirit of offering a more expansive view of souvenirs, this exhibition also includes some specially invited guests. The artists Katharine Umsted and Cut Me Up’s founder, Andrea Burgay, both independently created a series of works based upon postcards that they called “Wish You Were Here”.

Mnemosyne Towers, World’s Fair, NYC, 2030 by Michael Oatman with Tom Roland
39.75″x33.25″x25.5″; Cut Me Up Magazine Issue 10, Gemo Modular Building System, foamcore, hardwood model of Manhattan; 2023. Courtesy of the artists.

Michael Oatman produced Stella by Starlight out of two seemingly unrelated souvenirs, Frank Stella’s 1971 Museum of Modern Art retrospective catalog, and Astronomy, a British astronomy textbook from 1966. Oatman’s compositions and their relationship to his life-long interest in space travel serve as potent companions to the souvenir collection of Albany Airport’s very own Virgil Sager. Since he was a boy, Sager has been compiling news articles and memorabilia about space travel, and a portion of his vast and interesting collection is on view here.

As the Airport marks the 25th Anniversary of its Art & Culture Program in 2023, it seems fitting to reflect upon the way that objects and images can remind us of the places we’ve been as well as those we long to see.

A Remarkable Past by Sharon Bates
7″x7″x6.5″; paper, glass, metal; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Participating artists: Patty Armstrong, Todd Bartel, Sharon Bates, Jac Batey, Andrea Burgay, Dan Cameron, Laura Cannamela, Cheryl Chudyk, Monica Church, Sandra D. Dwileski, Susan Graham, Everest Hood, Tim Janchar, Stephenie Knight, Iain Machell, Emily Marbach, Anthony Naimo, Michael Oatman (individually and in collaboration) with Tom Roland, Bradley Parsons, Lori Petchers, Gaetano Rizzi, Lydia Selk, Lisa Sheets, Amy Talluto, Katharine Umsted, Stephanie Statham Witchger

(text adapted from material provided by the curators)


Concourse A Gallery (post-security, only accessible by ticketed passengers)
Albany International Airport
737 Albany Shaker Road
Albany, New York 12211 USA
(518) 242-2222

Open during normal airport operations