Kolaj Magazine Launches Collage Books Site


Kolaj Magazine, the world’s only internationally-oriented, printed magazine dedicated to contemporary, fine art collage, is building an online directory of collage books.

“So much of collage these days is experienced in printed, published form,” said Kolaj editor and publisher Ric Kasini Kadour. “Collage Books is Kolaj Magazine’s tool for organizing, documenting, and cataloguing books in which collage plays an important role.”

The audience for the site includes readers and collectors of collage books and printed ephemera as well as curators, art venues, and writers. “We aim to create a historical record of books about collage and raise awareness of new titles as they become available,” said Kadour. The directory includes books in and out of print.

Collage Books” contains listings for all collage-related titles, and like the magazine, the site takes a broad view. Trade editions, art criticism, and coffee table books are featured side by side with artist books, gallery-published catalogues, and self-published ‘zines. The site is also open to literary endeavours that feature collage. When possible, the directory links titles to reviews of books in the magazine and places where the book can be purchased.

“We hope the site, over time, will present a picture of how collage appears in print and publishing,” Kadour said. “We look forward to working with publishers, galleries, and artists to build this directory.” A version of the directory will appear in the printed magazine.