Faking the Wound
at the Scandinavian Collage Museum



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Roadside Scandinavian Collage Museum

Three kilometers south of the village of Berkåk, Norway, population 930, on European route E6, the main north-south road through Norway, in between the bend in the road and the bridge over the creek, on the right side (if you’re heading north), there, you will find the Scandinavian Collage Museum. The museum is the creative child of a 43-year-old collage artist who lives in a little red house on a mountain and goes by the moniker Miss.Printed.

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On view this summer:


Faking the Wound
1 June-20 August 2017

Antonio Occulto says about his solo show, “Faking the Wound”:
“Collage is a strange kind of ‘illusion’, where everything is real, no tricks just a different experience. In my opinion, collage is a big match with the image, an endless imbalance in seeking the truth. The truth is a minefield, and therefore, one must accept injuries.

The act, or better the ‘gesture’, in the art symbolizes the will to fake a wound, that is a break in the inexpressible, a passage that abolishes the differences and puts us on a higher plane between ‘life’ and ‘non-life’.

In this sense, the artist imposes his impulsiveness to the official image uprooting a sunken memory or an hidden feeling.

Alongside, and unwittingly, art sprouts: nothing is certain because all is called into question.”

“Faking the Wound” is at the Scandinavian Collage Museum in Berkåk, Rennebu, Norway.


Scandinavian Collage Museum
E6 240
7391 Rennebu, Norway

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


by Antonio Occulto
collage, acrylic and coffee on paper