Drawing Surrealism at The Morgan Library & Museum

25 January-21 April 2013

Although collage was used earlier in the twentieth century by the cubist and dada artists, the technique took on particular importance with the surrealists. The odd juxtapositions and dislocated imagery it produced were particularly effective in conjuring a dream world or suggesting the irrationality of unconscious desire. Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Ei-Kyu, André Breton, and Jean Arp are among the many artists whose works are featured in the collage section of the exhibition.

André Stas at Galerie 100 Titres

2 February-24 March 2013

“We Will Remember This Planet”: Marking out the playground boundaries, setting rules, cutting up, recycling, gathering materials, clashing ideas, naming objects, arranging in series: This is André Stas’ technique, even if sometimes he does something different, as he loves to play tricks.