Issue Two: Is This Collage?


Kolaj editor Benoit Depelteau asks, “Is this collage?”

Ric Kasini Kadour tells how Venezuelan collage artist Alejandro Otero brought modernity to his country.

Kolaj editor Benoit Depelteau investigates collage as process with artist Emmanuel Laflamme.

Billy Mavreas’ “Collage Today & Everyday” explores collage culture.

Cory W. Peeke talks with four collage artists about their love of vintage materials.

We visit Carolina Chocron in her studio.

And much, much more

And the Winner Is…

In each issue of Kolaj Magazine, we publish a Cut Out Page where we present imagery from various sources, carefully selected by our team of contributors or occasional guests. We then encourage you, dear reader, to cut out some of these images to create your own collage and send it to us.
Because things like this are so much more fun when there is a winner, we pick the one we like the best. For Issue One, the winner is….


It starts off with a conversation between Kolaj contributor Edvard Derkert and his friend Gunnar, a painter in his late fifties working in a sort of abstract expressionistic style. They talk about two different pieces that have a lot in common, at least visually. But something is also confronting both works and their creators’ ideas. They are comparing a painting and a digital collage.

“What Gunnar saw on the screen on my laptop he found unreal. Not real in the sense of realistic. Like photorealism. Unreal, because of the fact that there is nothing to touch, no smell of turpentine, just pixels on a screen!”

This conversation must be seen as a pretext, a starting point for Derkert to elaborate on the perception and legitimacy of digital collage using unexpected detours and colorful analogies.