Around Town by Susan Lerner
24″x24″; hand-cut collage on wood panel. Courtesy of the artist.


Susan Lerner: Connect-To-Cut: Here, There and Everywhere

at the Woodbury Public Library in Woodbury, Connecticut, USA
2-30 September 2021

Susan Lerner says about her work in this show:
As a collage artist, I am intrigued by the physical and metaphorical connection of the map. How a map both literally and figuratively connects us to a place or a time from the past and brings us to the present. Using vintage imagery in hand-cut collages, I conjure up nostalgia for the county I’ve considered my second home for the past two decades. In this exhibit, “Connect-To-Cut: Here, There and Everywhere”, I explore location and memories, often fictionalized, of now and then.

excavated books (installation view) by Susan Lerner
Courtesy of the artist

I also introduce excavated books in this exhibition. Where collage is about the addition and flow of imagery, the deconstructed books are a careful dissection and removal of ‘land’ from the page. Like an archeologist, I track the winding paths of the map’s topography gently digging deep into the layers and sediment to unearth what lies beneath.

(text adapted from the artist’s press materials)


Woodbury Public Library
269 Main Street South
Woodbury, Connecticut 06798 USA
(203) 263-3502

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