When Memory Turns to Dust

009 from the series “When Memory Turns to Dust” by Ricardo Miguel Hernández
8″x10″; analogue photocollage; 2018-2020. Courtesy of the artist.


Cuando el recuerdo se convierte en polvo [When Memory Turns to Dust]

Online at The Exhibit in Miami, Florida, USA
1 August-27 October 2020

The fields of Cuba, El Malecón, the sugar harvest, portraits of women and men of different social classes, vintage cars, iconic characters, the big city, women in contrasting settings, the guano hat, the military uniform, diverse scenarios of Cuban geography and other regions: these constitute the micro-stories gathered in the photocollage series, “Cuando el recuerdo se convierte en polvo” [When Memory Turns to Dust] by Cuban artist Ricardo Miguel Hernández.

An article about Hernández’ series, written by curator Yenny Hernández Valdés, appears in Kolaj #30. PURCHASE THE ISSUE

Hernández accumulates photographs from the 1920s to the 1980s and classifies them by themes, formats and representation possibilities. Each cut or addition constitutes a micro-document that, when paired with another part of a different file, becomes a new aesthetic statement, loaded with readings and conceptual derivations as diverse as the possible connections that the artist achieves during the work process. From the language of photography, the author becomes an autocrat who chooses at will the disposable fragments of almost forgotten realities, to show that it is elastic, that it is re-constructed beyond literal limits. The works are resurrected testaments of a society, mainly Cuban, that basks in nostalgia, in worn out social narratological paradigms, in the entelechy of an uncertain present and a blurred future.

004 from the series “When Memory Turns to Dust” by Ricardo Miguel Hernández
5.4″x5.7″; analogue photocollage; 2018-2020. Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibition was curated by Yenny Hernández Valdés and is sponsored by the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum.

(text adapted from the venue’s press materials)


The Exhibit
Miami, Florida, USA