Issue 6: Collage & the Album Cover

Kolaj is a quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary collage. We are interested in how collage is made, how collage is exhibited, and how collage is collected. We bring together critical reviews and essays with artist profiles, event highlights, and articles on collage collecting, exhibiting, and making. Kolaj is published in Montreal, Quebec by Maison Kasini.


Here’s a preview of what’s in the issue:

Lou Beach’s Ring Ring, Too Fat Me (The Japanese Corner) is on the cover. David Powell interviews the collage-meister in this issue

Editor Benoit Depelteau talks about collage’s role in pop music and the album cover.

Cory Peeke and Nick “NickFRESH” Puzo in conversation with Winston Smith.

“Collage in the Service of Rebellion or Are We Just In It for the Money?” asks Edvard Derkert.

We asked collage artist Laura Tringali Holmes to talk about her experience of being part of a works-on-paper show.

Burmese artist San Zaw Htway is profiled by Luigi Galimberti Faussone.

Claudia Eve Beauchesne reviews “Cut ‘n’ Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City”
at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Luigi Galimberti Faussone reviews the Llyn Foulkes retrospective at The New Museum in New York.

We visit Bruce Ingram’s studio.

We take a look at portfolios from
Tel Aviv, Israel
Hollywood, California, USA
Antwerp, Belgium
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
United Kingdom

And, as always, there’s a new Cut-Out Page.


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