Deal Me In


LuEllen Joy Giera & the Monthly International Playing Card Exchange

Here’s how it works: Each month, LuEllen Joy Giera sends out an email asking artists if they are in or not. If you are in, Giera adds you to the list and the deal is, you make a collage on a playing card for all the other people on the list. It could be four people; it has been as many as thirteen. You make your collages and you mail them to the other people. They, in turn, mail you yours. That is the Monthly International Playing Card Exchange. In Kolaj #23, we profile this collage project.

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About her process of getting artists into the exchange, Giera says, “I send out an email at the end of every month to artistic people I’ve become acquainted with over the years. Or, artists already in it refer other artists they know. It’s always an open theme. Or, they contact me via my Facebook page, then I give them my email address.” Artists participating in the exchange are welcome to invite others to participate.

Image by LuEllen Joy Giera. Courtesy of the artist.