First Person Reviewer: Laura Tringali Holmes

Living in My Box by Michael Hillerman

In Issue 6 of Kolaj Magazine we asked collage artist Laura Tringali Holmes to talk about her experience about being part of the “Paper Works” exhibition at Uptown Gallery in Dobbs Ferry, New York, 27 June-28 July 2013

I arrived at the gallery early on receiving day, but the action was already energetic. After being accepted, I had emailed the curators about my desire to document my gallery experience, and they kindly gave me carte blanche to hang around and watch the proceedings. Collage seemed to be showing up in roughly the same proportions that it would eventually be exhibited—about one in every three frames. As self-defined not-necessarily-paper collage practitioners, curators Mitchell Goldberg (paper/plastic/glass) and Luis Perelman (metal) share a liberal interpretation of what constitutes collage. Their goal with the exhibition was to display the widest possible array of work, coming from all artistic traditions, using paper as the common denominator.

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Clouds from the "Windows" Series by Christopher E Manning

Image (top):
Living in My Box
by Michael Hillerman
photographs & fabricated digital objects
Image courtesy of the artist

Image (bottom):
Clouds (from the “Windows” series)
by Christopher E. Manning
collage on paper
image courtesy of the artist